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AEGEAN NWE lubricants are available 365 days a year – 24 hours a day, through a reliable and effective logistics network. Our products are of the most premium quality available throughout the ARA-range.  We purchase from refineries and oil majors with the highest standards. AEGEAN NWE provides Residual Fuel or Distillate Fuel. Our product is sampled and analysed upon loading and bunkering by SABA. View our products:

SABA analyses enable suppliers to minimise costs associated with bunker quality claims and to either successfully reject a false claim or quickly and cost effectively deal with a quality problem and, if appropriate, recover costs from third parties.

SABA may also reduce insurance premiums, give customers confidence and help retain and increase business.

More information about the SABA sampling and testing program can be found on

Material Safety Data Sheet


Download your Material Safety Data Sheet here.