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North West Europe


The North Sea and her English Channel are one of the world busiest trading routes for commercial shipping.  Along the shores of France, Great-Britain, Spain, Norway, Ireland and Germany many smaller ports are thriving in the shadow of the Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp giants.  All of these ports are serviced with our top notch fleet of sea going bunker tankers.  Wherever your ship goes, we’re on her tail.

Aegean NWE received formal approval from the Port of Falmouth to supply vessels within Port limits and at anchorage.  The Falmouth Port Commissioners use the strictest criteria for approving Bunker supply barges.  Our 2 Aegean barges passed the audit with flying colors.

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While awaiting orders or in need of fuel for prompt voyages, our sea going tankers are well trained and equipped to supply at various anchorages and deep sea locations.  We offer these locations on a daily bases and our operational and nautical department will help you to establish the best possible bunker location for your specific voyage.

Ports North West Europe - Aegean NWE

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Since the introduction of fuel driven engines in commercial shipping, the Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam range has been a pioneer in bunker supplies.  Today, the region profits from large availability of all grades of quality fuel oil and state of the art bunker supply barges.  As the leading bunker supplier in this market, you would like to inquire us first.  With our 6 so called estuary barges, Aegean NWE is by far the most complete supplier at the port of Zeebrugge.  Our barges can supply to over 22 500MT on a single day at Zeebrugge.