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An introduction to Aegean NWE


Established in 1972 as Verbeke Bunkering, the company has over 40 years experience in the suppling fuels to sea going vessels.

With the acquisition of Verbeke Bunkering by the Aegean Marine Petroleum Network in 2010, the company further enlarged her leading role in the Western European bunker market.

Local knowledge, combined with the Aegean Marine Petroleum global network, creates a unique overview of the market and insight in the specific needs of ship operators, owners and charterers.


The Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam range is covered by our fleet of 15 state-of-the-art supply barges, which comply with the highest safety standards in the business.

All Western European ports and off-shore locations are serviced with our modern sea-going tanker, Sikinos.

The combined fleet has a supply capacity of over 55000 MT.


Our products are of the most premium quality available throughout the ARA-range.  We purchase from refineries and oil majors with the highest standards.

To secure the quality of the product we supply, we use a unique monotoring system called SABA (Supplier Analytical Bunker Assistance).  This system secures an excellent quality control throughout the entire supply chain.


Based in Antwerp, the heartland of the North West European Bunker market, Aegean NWE is ideally situated to provide you the best possible service to sustain your need for fuel oil.

Wherever your bunkers need to be supplied, Aegean NWE is close by.  Our large fleet ensures a speedy delivery in virtually every port in North West Europe.


Our team of highly specialized and experienced people is at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.